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by Peter May

Half-Scottish, half-Italian Enzo MacLeod used to be one of the top forensics experts in Scotland, and now he lives in Toulouse, working as a university professor. Divorced in Scotland and widowed in France, he has an estranged Scottish daughter and a French daughter he has raised by himself.

As if his life isn't complicated enough, he soon finds himself unexpectedly in the hunt for solutions to some vexing cold cases thanks to an ill-advised wager about the power of forensic science.

Meanwhile, in Paris, a man desperately seeking sanctuary flees into a church. The next day, his sudden disappearance will make him famous throughout France.

Deep in the catacombs below the City of Light, MacLeod unearths disturbing clues deliberately left behind by a killer. But as the retired forensics expert draws closer to the truth, he discovers he may just wind up the next victim for his troubles.


"Action-packed … [with] a thrilling denouement in the catacombs of Paris."
Entertainment Weekly

"May provides abundant local color and writes with measured authority. The results are as engaging as they are cerebral."
Kirkus Reviews

"Brisk and thrilling … the layers of complexity bode well for future installments."
Baltimore Sun

"A fun and fascinating book."
The San Jose Mercury News

"The climax is a fabulous finale that will leave readers clamoring for more inquiries by the professor and his team."
Midwest Book Review

"A thoroughly engaging puzzle mystery."
Library Journal